Project Description

As a Behavioral Strategist, Joni assists individuals in enhancing their resilience and achieving BOUNCE FORWARD™ following encounters with challenges and changes in both work and life. When addressing corporate audiences and business schools, she actively interacts with approximately 4,000 individuals annually, having sustained this practice for over 28 years. Possessing a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, she currently holds a position as a Board Member for The Global Speaker Federation. Her role as the former President of PSA Southern Africa is also noteworthy. Furthermore, Joni maintains a partnership agreement with Courageous Leadership Hub in Australia, and she holds the position of Network Leader for Six Seconds International, recognized as the largest EQ Network globally.


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TOPIC: Work SMARTER, not HARDER by being physically, mentally, and emotionally resilient.

We have been ‘knocked sideways’ by massive waves of change. We need to learn how to be more resilient, and BOUNCE FORWARD: mentally; physically as well as emotionally. To ride these waves of change, we need to be ‘agile’, calm, and energized. There are simple and efficient ways to boost your physical energy, mental stamina, and emotional intelligence. In fun, practical ways, Joni shares ‘bio-hacks’, which are all underpinned by neuroscience, so that you can live a life of ‘va va voom’, and therefore can be the BEST version of yourself!

Audience Takeaways

  •  Recognise the three dimensions of resilience, and how interrelated they are.

  • Explain that a GROWTH MINDSET means BOUNCING FORWARD. Bouncing back is not an option.

  • Given the neuroscience underpinning of these bio-hacks, participants will recognise the important of each of them.

  • They will then select from 10 Biohacking strategies that ‘ones’ that resonate with their lifestyle choices.

Reviews for Joni

“The impact you had on my team, and myself have been colossal, it has empowered us to deal with the complexities we face. It allowed for Bold Transformation, that allowed for a mind-shift how do we take care of self, and to maximise the individual and team potential.” 

Pedro Rhode, Head of Cape Region, Nedbank, South Africa

“It was such a pleasure hearing Joni speak and my honor to share the stage too at the recent Xcelerate convention organised by the Malaysian Association of professional Speakers.I learned many things, 10 WAYS ON HOW TO WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER and among the list was a quick energiser, a pick me up workout on the spot which I found to be very effective. Thank you so much. 

Kuti Biazid, TedX Speaker/ Communication Coach

“We were incredibly lucky to have Joni speak to us at Prodigy Finance during a Lunch & Learn session. Joni was brilliant in that she managed to pack so much valuable information on how to BOOST your Resilience during a tight 30 minute time-slot, yet kept it simple and practical. 

Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious and left us all feeling motivated – something so necessary at this time of the year. 

My colleagues have all raved about the session – we can’t wait for the next one!” 

Amy Kinghorn, Legal Enforcement Counsel, Prodigy Finance